Osm2City Scenery Downloads

Click on any of the 10x10 degree chunks in the image below and then on "Download" in the download information box to download that area.
If a link is not working, it means that the area doesn't contain anything, so there is nothing to download. (Or if a rebuild is in progress, that chunk may not yet be generated.)

Selected Version: v0.1

Version Information:
Selected Version v0.1
Global Coverage no
Compatible Flightgear Versions Unknown
Open Streetmap Data from 2019-04-22
Creation Time May through August 2019
Total File Size* 73.4GB
Sourceforge Stats SourceForge
*: Zipped file size, unziped roughly five times as much.

Mirror information:
Mirror IPv4 Comment
originnoMaster mirror. IPv6 only
sourceforgeyesOnly the most up to date version of a tile is kept on this mirror

The scenery was generated using data from Open Streetmap which is made available here under the Open Database License (ODbL).
The scenery may be used under the GPL2.